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Student Testimonials 

I have been coming to Miranda's classes now for nearly 3 years. Everybody there has made me feel really welcome and will offer help when I can't remember the next move, which is often, 😆 and have made some good friendships.

I've done trapeze,  hoop, yoga, stretch, pole  and have settled on silks and yoga at the moment. 

Miranda is very patient and a good teacher. You will find that your flexibility,  strength and tone will improve within a few months. And most important, it's fun, we laugh a lot when we tangle ourselves up or get things wrong or go in the wrong direction.     ❤ Pole Affinity 

Jan (57)

I love Pole Fitness! It's gained my body confidence back again 100% after having a baby 2 years ago. I've been learning with Pole Affinity for 6 months and would definitely recommend it!    Kylie (21)

 Pole Affinity Classes wasn't something I ever thought I could do, but it's now something I can't do without! 

It is such great exercise and fun, the best thing is ANYONE can do it! I have even started teaching my mum!
It has done wonders for my fitness and self confidence and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.               

If anybody ever said to me that pole dancing isn't an art or form of expression worthy of recognition and admiration I would encourage them to experience and watch this graceful, powerful, and fantastic form of dance. It is both amazing to watch and to do! I never thought I would be spinning around the pole, & sitting on it in just a few weeks and how good it makes me feel!
I would encourage anyone to have a go!
It's great.., just a pole, some music and suddenly you become alive & dancing! Most importantly having fun & feeling on a high!      Ruth (27)

I have been doing pole dancing for 5 months now and really enjoyed improving my strength and I've toned up so much!
I'm able to push myself to try new moves & find this really builds my self confidence. I find the Instructors very friendly and supportive and I've greatly enjoyed meeting new people.    Emma (33)

I've only been coming to Pole Affinity classes for just a couple of months... and it's BRILLIANT!!!
It's already done wonders for my strength & flexibility as well as huge confidence boost....even someone like me with no sense of rhythm can do it!!
The classes are really professionally run with full warm-up and cool down, plus you learn something new every week ... AWESOME!!!             Jeanne (24)

I joined Pole Affinity with a friend as we wanted to try something new & have a giggle! Now ...a year on we are both still coming and addicted!
Classes are always good fun as well as a challenge.
My strength and flexibility improves every week. I love pole and would recommend it to anyone.     Debbie (25)

I've been coming to classes for 3 months. Classes are always enjoyable & challenging! Learning something new every week!
It's great for improving strength & general fitness. I thoroughly recommend!                 Louise   (21)

I started Pole dancing after my second child, and been with pole affinity for about 18,weeks. I find it a great fitness activity but not just's great fun too! You can have a laugh!
My flexibility levels have got better & I'm now a lot stronger...What a great sport!  

Miranda is a fab teacher! ... so thank you!                Charlotte (23)

I started Pole in Oct 2008 as a laugh with my very good friend. I thought it would be something different & entertaining. As soon as we both started getting the moves we got the bug to achieve more! Miranda made it so fun with routines & making it a good giggle!
I worked through all the levels to Advanced.  Then, from May 2010 I trained to become an instructor for Pole Affinity. To see students get the same 'buzz' I did when I started makes me so proud!          Rochelle

I've been doing Pole for 2 months & have found my confidence has built up so much as well as feeling very liberating! It's definitely a fun & exciting way to keep fit.          Angela (30)

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