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What shall I wear?

Please either cover or remove all jewellery before class as this can cause damage to participants and the equipment.


Leggings to warm up / stretch in.

Shorts/Hot-pants, Vest top/ crop top.

Bare feet.

Skin is needed to help grip on the pole, you can also wear grippy leggings.

Newbies... if you don't fancy wearing shorts just yet then wear leggings or trackies you can just roll up a bit. 


Skin must be covered - wear tight layers, leggings and a long sleeve top.

Barefeet or grippy socks.


Bootcamp / Yoga /Stretch:

Comfortable clothes to exercise in.

Indoor Trainers for bootcamp.


Please do not use any moisturisers or oils on your skin prior to class this makes the poles slippy so you will be unable to grip and this can result in injury.

What shall I bring?

Please bring water, small towel/cloth to wipe pole/ hands. Any personal grip aids.
Own Yoga mat . 
and...a  desire to learn, a  sense of humor and a smile ;-)

I'm overweight/ unfit/ have no upper body strength /poor flexibility ...can i still join?

YES ... You can! We get asked these questions all the time, people often think they need to address some of these issues before starting, but our classes are for everyone and we will help you with all of the above.  So don't put it off, get in touch and get yourself booked in.

I work shifts and cant commit to same class each week, can i come along on different days?

Yes, no problem , most  of  our classes are multi-level so you can usually attend any .

Are there any age restrictions?

We teach all ages,  however, please just ask or check each class description for any age restrictions, as this may vary depending on each instructors qualifications for teaching under 18's,

Under  16 we need written parental consent.
As a general rule age 14+ welcome in most classes (except exotic /low flow which is strictly age 18+ )

 Younger ages can sometimes be accommodated in our general classes but will be assessed on case by case basis . (ie. those with prior aerial or gymnastic training.
We also  run kids circus skills classes/ workshops  ages  6-13yrs.

Are there any health restrictions?

You will be asked to complete a health & Consent form online prior to starting.

This is not suitable for pregnant women or those who are less than 3 months post-partum.

We can help you work around any minor injuries or pre-existing conditions but please seek your GP's advice if you have a medical condition and are unsure.

Can I come alone?
I'm shy /anxious about coming. 

Yes, absolutely, you will get to meet new people, our classes are a great way to make new friends.  We like to promote a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, which has helped so many people grow in confidence.

Will there be any men in class? Can men do it?

Men are welcome to join some of our classes. Please message us prior to booking to check.

There are some great male pole dancers out there & even pole schools run by men. They have super strength! 

Will it help me lose weight?

Our classes are an all round body toner. We work the  major muscles of the back, stomach, legs and arms as well as improving cardiac function. Increased muscle mass, increases metabolic function and helps promote weight loss.

Class has several elements to it so you achieve a great all round workout ..
 Dynamic warm-up, conditioning, strength training and flexibility exercises.

How often should i attend?

We recommend building up to x3 a week.  
Its very hard and slow to make progress when just attending once a week, we also highly recommend you attend some of our flexibility /yoga sessions to see real progress. 

Anything else I need to know?

Pole & Aerial Fitness may cause, bruising, chaffing and general muscle soreness.
Participation is completely voluntary and is done so at own risk of any injury resulting . Please inform your instructor of any injuries illnesses prior to start of class.
You be asked to fill out an Informed Consent/disclaimer  form to which details and explains this further.
Avoid eating a heavy meal before class. 
Please do not drink alcohol before class- you will be asked to leave.
Please be respectful of others in the class

We often work in pairs/ share equipment.

How do I change / cancel my class pack?

To cancel a plan through the Members Area:

  1. Log in to the site. 

  2. Click your member profile at the top of the site.

  3. Click My Subscriptions in the drop-down menu.

  4. Click the More Actions arrow  next to your plan. (or look for the 3 dots in top right)

  5. Click Cancel Subscription.

  6. Click Yes, Cancel to confirm. 

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