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Welcome … A little bit about me and my background. My name is Miranda, I am the owner of Pole Affinity.
I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor in both group exercise classes and gym.  I have a dance background and have been working in fitness & teaching pole since 2007 bringing pole fitness to North Devon. 
I'm also a fully qualified mental health nurse & a massage therapist, specializing in Sports /Remedial Massage therapy and Aromatherapy. 

I am a mum, dog mum and a Nana... yes i have a grandson! 

My pole journey began after taking a few classes at the iconic   'Bobbies' pole studio in Sydney Australia whilst on a working holiday visa as a nurse. On my return to the UK I brought a pole and the rest is history!

There was little on offer in the way of lessons , nothing online, so all i had was a few very basic dvds. It too me a very long time to progress with no one to guide me and the moves were a lot simpler back then!  I would have loved to of had  a pole school to attend to learn safely and efficiently and I am so happy to be able to offer that to others now. 

I've had a number of set backs with my health battling cancer 3 times in 2007, 2010 and 2018, having 3 major operations and other treatments, i could have easily given it all up but instead i have used fitness as a focus to get me through the tough times and make me stronger.
I have trained with some of the worlds top polers, including Pantera, Jenyne Butterfly, Alesia Vazmitsel, Heidi Hildsley, Sarah Scott, Daniel Rosen, Bendy Kate to name a just a few! 

I have competed professionally and was a semi- finalist in the UK Professional Pole Championships in 2011 and a finalist in 2012 .  I performed pole & the won a North Devon Talent Competition 2011.
I've judged at a national Pole Competition as well as more local competitions.

Ladies...If your looking to get a Fitness /Bikini body then i can help you achieve great results.

I competed and won 1st Place in the Devon Classic Bikini Tall 2016. I was a finalist in 'Fit Factor' at Body Power 2015 and a finalist in UK Ultimate Physiques 2015.
So whether your looking to do fitness for fun and to just generally tone up or would like a more personal approach to achieve more specific results, I can help you. I can offer advice & personal training programmes on diet and fitness to match your individual goals.

  I am extremely passionate about Fitness & absolutely love teaching this fantastic form of exercise, and seeing how my students change both in mind & body as a positive result. I help & encourage my students to take part in competitions and showcases if they wish.

Classes are always heaps of fun , welcoming and such an amazing way to keep fit... No matter what your age, shape, or size.  We welcome all nationalities and genders age 14+ for our regular classes and we run separate kids classes.
(N.B  Younger kids with prior experience or gymnastic background may be considered for our regular classes)




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